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Title: Introduction
Post by: Chair on October 09, 2005, 02:42:39 PM
Thanks for dropping by. This site was created  to promote the interest in early Australian outboard Runabouts. I have long been a fan of outboarding since I was introduced to the fabulous sport in the 50s by my brother, the legendary Dickie Dixon.
Dickie's story could fill a novel and his adventurous spirit helped pioneer a sport that became popular in the 50s and peaked in the mid 70s. I'm refering here to waterskiing.  In these early days, it was not uncommon to see Dickie's Caporn filled to the brim with local kids who plagued him to take them for a spin.
Dickie taught a multitude of people to water ski including yours truly. Hence I dedicate this site to Dick Dixon.
Just in case you missed the intro, here is the link:
One day I'll get round to filling in the gaps. If someone wants to contribute please do so.
BTW, also if you wonder about the handle "Chairman" ........ , after I decided to call this forum "The Board" our webmaster dubbed me as "Chairman of the......"
It's over to you now, Please add some interest by commenting or adding info to the relative posts. Once you log in as a member you are free to use "The Board"
If you have any interesting pictures, please post them also, they have to be kept under 90kbs or they won't post.
Thank you for visiting.

David Dixon