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August 04, 2021, 09:43:39 AM
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Author Topic: Evinrude (1914 Model B?) Row Boat Motor  (Read 2560 times)
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« on: May 12, 2016, 12:00:50 PM »

I am now waiting on delivery of a Evinrude 1914 Model B? Row Boat Motor, originally advertised on Gumtree some months ago.

The advert expired however I remained in contact with the seller whilst continuing to research with the assistance of friends who's knowledge of early Evinrude Row Boat Motors is better than my own.

What has caused confusion in this case is the fact that this RBM has had some upgrades as well as some home grown mods over the years. Whilst these have made it difficult to fully understand and appreciate exactly what it is, the uncertainty helped a long way to negotiating a buy price of less than 1/6th of the original asking.

For the moment I am calling it a 1914 Model B because thatís what the brass plate affixed to the upper side of the fuel tank says. But I suspect that the tank may not be original to this RBM, and may be of a newer design. This RBM has a Model A reversing gearfoot which implies it may be a Model A, or a purchaser specified option from back in the day. It also has a rope? start upgrade to simplify starting, although I must say I prefer the original and standard knuckle buster arrangement. The home grown mods (magneto atop barrel, exhaust manifold and muffler) will be removed on arrival and be replaced with original parts sourced from the USA. Also need a forward/reverse tiller and if I can find a nice Model A fuel tank, then I will pursue that also.

First 3 pics are as originally advertised. The remaining pics were taken and supplied more recently to assist with ID.

This is potentially my first outboard over 100 years of age and therefore a nice addition to the collection.

Anyone with any info on early Evinrude RBM's, please donít hesitate to share.

Thanks & Regards,

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