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March 21, 2019, 11:58:26 AM
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 on: March 16, 2019, 11:18:36 AM 
Started by JEBx4 - Last post by JEBx4
Hello All,
Just letting you know...my beloved, restored Savage Javelin which was bought new by my father in 1963; is about to find a new owner. After placing it on sale for a while, I have decided to donate the craft to the W.A. Maritime Museum. For those who have not heard it's history; our family used the boat as a centre of recreation in Albany WA between 1963-67. It was then sold to a wheat farmer whose family used it for 40 years until it fell into poor condition. In 2007 I bought it back from them and completely restored the boat, using it until now. My children leant to ski with the boat as I did when a child, but they have now left home and the boat is rarely used.
My concern is that once sold, the boat may not be appreciated and be mistreated by subsequent owners, so a piece of Australian boating history and an iconic family possession may be lost. I am prepared to forgo the purchase price to have the boat preserved for future generations including our families. I am currently negotiating with the museum's curator who has accepted 'in principle' the donation. This SJ is a 'big S' first model and a significant milestone in Australian boat building design and manufacturing, being among the first mass produced Australian designed fibreglass boats. The early sixties signalled the end of the bondwood era of the '50's, and 60 years later fibreglass is still an important boatbuilding material. The fact that this boat is still a viable, usable ski boat is a testament to the quality of the design, build quality, long lasting properties of fibreglass. It is also not a 'restored to factory spec' specimen, but it has been carefully modified to maintain its original charm while remaining useful and functional. The museum appreciates that the modifications done to the boat are part of its story, which is well documented from new.
Comments and opinions are welcome.
John B

 on: March 11, 2019, 06:47:33 PM 
Started by antman - Last post by antman
advice taken thanks mercman
new yellow leads and ,disy and plug boots  and new springy connectors should land from states in the next few days .$90 and $30 postage roughly
last  run i adjustedthe idle jet screws and idle stop on the water in gear . was idling low nicely but after sitting for an hour that setting wouldnt start very well
so i ran both screws back in and then 1 and 1/2 turns out and bang starts in a flick of the key so ill leave it at that. whilst doing so and playing and tinkering with stuff while its running under load with a friend driving ( bay was so flat ) i got a zap
off something around the dizzy- throttle linkage area .  i did run at night to check in the dark to see a short or spark leakage  but it was in drive on muffs with no load . and nothing . so hence get new leads first .. if no change then stator /alternator

 on: March 04, 2019, 08:48:06 AM 
Started by antman - Last post by MERCMAN
Don't wast your time and money on a gutless 4 stroke.

In the particular hp range you're are looking at, you can't go wrong with an Etec. That is honest advice coming from a Mercury fanatic of 57 years.

An Etec's first service is due at 300 hours. Try that with any 4 banger and see what happens!


 on: March 03, 2019, 12:44:03 PM 
Started by antman - Last post by antman
 used it a few times .
dreaming of a new outboard 4 stroke @ 9100.00 just goto come up with the cash
 also decided to get new stator . under flywheel ,new internal loom and new leads and boots cost around $600 all cdi
if it doesnt fix it ill replace the switch box with cdi replacement around $300 .
timings good link and sink goodstill reving max at 3100 and plaining, so im chasing 2000 rpm .( have voltage fluctuation up and down )
have two rectifiers and both ok so ?
gets me out and back at the moment so im content , at least i have caught a fish .
time has come to start throwing some dollars at it ( parts not  mechanics )

 on: February 17, 2019, 02:20:22 PM 
Started by antman - Last post by antman
sunday morning .bays flat .slipped it in. idle , Grin out trim it in.....go ! up .up up . slowley revs increase .and we are now ....plaining   Grin
check tacho , 2800 2900 3000 3100..wot played around with trim and had me and mate jumping around up front trying to increse rpm by weight distribution
but moving and plaining    But it was fun ! finally after 1 year i got it to move along
aadd some chop and swell and its probably back to useless again! but is is a positive .(Frankenstien phsyco engine ...gives you a little bit of improvement just to keep you hooked )all it had to do was rev to over 4000 rpm under load !and i would have spent  money  replacing any part with any new parts i could find
on the web .slowley week by week .
Im thinking now ,, becuase i fixed it this far ..of finding another mechanic  drop it off and say nothing of my past history
" i was out last sunday mate and its was not reving over 3000 rpm ..strange hey " and leave it with him  Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy   Roll Eyes

 on: February 16, 2019, 12:56:11 PM 
Started by austral - Last post by MERCMAN
I'll have to check my junk.


 on: February 15, 2019, 07:19:55 PM 
Started by antman - Last post by antman
thanks -Austral,Mercman and thanks Mark
Water in the plugs would mean .. in the water at dock reving to 3-4000rpm   waterpump pumping hard would maybe  give me ,missing or lumpy rpm ..not getting that . it revs clean to 4800 under no load ..( i may be wrong )
in the first week-  i opened a can of worms by opening controller  , total re wire as it was all stuffed . water had got in through choke button and all the wire had perished and corroded . all redone  .tested from controller to conections inside the engine therefor testing the loom and black external plug and internal wiring loom for continuity and voltage with a multi meter  .but i will check that loom end again 
vent checked...... i recon every time i  try it ( isnt that the first sin ?)
timing mark lines up and piston top dead  center .. visited that at the time of the flywheel re install and  yep ill re check that
Marks correct.the houseboat prop would still rev ..i didnt read some pdf i found correctly. Information overload
no havent squirted fuel in under load ... and im  using good fuel and oil ..had 91octane  and tried 95 .( which is better?)
i have not tested in the water for 3 weeks. so i should try it again  before i pull it all apart
i have missed something. ive just got to find it

 on: February 15, 2019, 11:26:31 AM 
Started by austral - Last post by austral
Thanks  Mercman,  hey did those emails come through with the photos ?

 on: February 15, 2019, 10:39:49 AM 
Started by austral - Last post by MERCMAN
These days soda blasting or peanut shell blasting are preferred alternatives to sand blasting. These new ways will not damage parent metal.

See nymarine.ca for painting tips and methods. There are quite a few yankie websites/forums that offer great ideas for enthusiasts like us. See: FiberGlassics.


 on: February 14, 2019, 06:20:02 PM 
Started by austral - Last post by austral
Thank you David, i recon i will strip it back with paint striper because im pretty lazy with preparation and stuff like that ( i actually work like a dog in real life).
I also dont plan on removing the power head but have pulled down the lower leg to replace all seals etc.
P.S. Did i actually call it a " Merk"

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