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June 19, 2019, 03:34:35 AM
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1  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Buy Sell Vintage Boats Free Advertising, Outboards, Parts. / Hayden Hydrodyne on: May 05, 2019, 03:14:07 AM
Got a HH to give away,  have to move it off my mates property
It's on an old trailer, moves but not far
Transom is OK, 
Floor is removed, grinding done,  hardwood floor beams ,, cut, shaped , glassed , but not fitted
Deck is off, but the design makes it easy to refit
Have the trailer and boat or just the boat
Otherwise the tip
Boat is in Karuah , one hour north of Newcastle, NSW
Cheapest you'll find
Unfortunately, I have about 2 weeks before the axe falls

Regards, yochemin
2  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Information Wanted / Re: help needed? on: January 26, 2016, 07:41:37 AM
Probably can't do that with a modern outboard

3  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Restoration Projects: Underway, Prospects, also Help and Advice / Haydon Hydrodyne rubber(like)sole on: September 27, 2015, 05:51:40 PM
Finally got around to having a look at the bottom of HH
A lengthy run with the freshly tuned Starflight, should have been a joy
Not so, wouldn't get up to any speed without the death wobbles and was tracking through any wash  we encountered
MERCMAN had suggested a soft floor, stringers problem                                                                      A  diagnosis that was confirmed later, when my foot went thru to the hull when standing up

The hunt for hog was on
This was the first time I'd had a close look underneath HH
Didn't know there was a mini keel running about 2/3 the length of her  from the front
Finishing at a depth of 3"  that was a surprise!
I jacked HH up in the trailer and Placed a bit of straight steel under the keel
This allowed me to see if the keel had hog, 3 to 5mm in places, mostly passable
A string line down each side to the transom bottom edge
Looks like there was a 20mm gap between hull and stringline, the rear end with the weight of the outboard on had dropped  behind the keel
My trailer has 2 planks each side of the centre rollers, and i believe the transom has sunken down to meet the outer planks
If your not convinced of the condition of your HH's floor and stringers or even if you are, I think putting a wedge under the transom in the centre, maybe a good preventive measure
I had an 80hp Evinrude on mine, and that's a lot of weight behind the keel

As I've gotten further into the job, cleaned out the old floor and stringers and such and removed the top section  I'm more convinced than ever this wedge is a good idea
The hull itself is very flexible on the trailer
It's a very flimsy bit of work, 5mm thick in most places, with the top deck even thinner
What is mostly used to keep things in place is 10mm marine ply glued to the inner hull  bottom then glassed in, part of one off these sections is used as the foot well
Great when new but failing badly after 50 or so years

Now clean, I'm experimenting with using barrel's of water in the back section to straighten her up
Chocking up the transom and filling the barrel's until the hull drops down to contact the string lines
Seemed to  work well and should allow the new stringers to be glassed in while the barrel's are in place
Anyway, it's all cross your fingers stuff, so, will post again when further along


4  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Information Wanted / Re: Heydon Hydrodyne, trimming the boat on: February 20, 2015, 07:38:34 AM
Hi Swish,
It was great to get her out and give her a good long run
The poor handling was a worry though, unexpected, I assumed with fixed height rollers on the trailer, she would be protected from this
As MERCMAN says it could be floor related
For the moment though, working mostly on the Tillicraft
The bottom has most of the kinks out of it now, so it's nearly ready for some glass
Swish is your HH a long or short shaft?
I've got a 1250 short shaft Merc that could go on her, but a long transome
All for now

Cheers, Steve

5  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Information Wanted / Re: Heydon Hydrodyne, trimming the boat on: February 06, 2015, 07:08:31 PM
Thanks Guy,
I suspect your on the right track
I'm straightening the bottom of the Tillicraft at the moment, and wasn't hoping for another
Though I think HH will be easier to do as the Tillicraft has chines
Oh well

6  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Information Wanted / Heydon Hydrodyne, trimming the boat on: January 26, 2015, 09:44:18 AM
Hi everyone
After a couple of engine issue sorting runs yesterday was a extended outing to trim the HH properly
Loaded up with tool boxes, dogs & Angela away we went
Starting on the bottom pin she got on  the plane easily, as expected, but with a increase in throttle she wanted to plough,  so I moved to the next pin, same same
4 holes up, the ploughing was not as bad and she was tracking through small wakes of other boaters, when turned hard under throttle she would cavitation enough to lose drive
Fuel and tools at the back,  seats with us in midway
Thoughts at all? HH owners do your boats have any similar traits
Engine is a Evinrude Starflight 80hp
Thanks,  Steve
7  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Information Wanted / Re: Merc 1250 still won't start on: January 20, 2015, 06:54:09 PM
Merc 1250 will start!.
Finally there's life
Pretty noisy life it is
Started with a bit of fuel straight to the cylinders
I have a few things to retighten and such, but I will fire her up in a tank soon
Need to sort the throttle cable out amongst other things
Thanks to MARKS&MERCMAN for their help, awesome
Will keep you informed

Cheers,  Steve
8  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Information Wanted / Re: Merc 1250 still won't start on: January 14, 2015, 09:05:02 PM
Got the rewire done and moved the timing belt to a position where the timing light flashes at the right time,  although it was dimmer than it was before.  Have a nice spark, improved for sure, fueled up ,kick it over, nothing . Not sounding close to going. Can l check for fuel in the cylinder.  Is there room above the  piston to put in a spark plug that l can see is wet with fuel.
Definitely have fuel in the carbies

Cheers , Steve
9  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Information Wanted / Re: Merc 1250 still won't start on: January 08, 2015, 09:32:36 PM
Hi Guy
Those 2 wires from under the flywheel are cut and taped separately to be replaced shortly, good to know where they go
The 3 wires from the dizzy go to what I  think is the rectifier  white, brown & black,  the're ready to reconnect
Did that bisso with #1cylinder, the crank end has a spline with missing tooth so can sit in one spot only(l think)
But it seemed OK at the time
Talked with Marks today and he suggests the timing belt may be one tooth out on dizzy side
Putting it all back tomorrow, will let you know what  happens
Be using my new starter button,  easy to use with your fingers crossed
Photo of where the timing light was flashing

Cheers,  Steve
10  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Information Wanted / Merc 1250 still won't start on: January 06, 2015, 10:24:14 PM
Hi All
I'm back with my disappearing 1250 Redband topic, which I possibly removed whilst accessing The Board on my phone
A quick recap then:
Bought the motor as a Recconditioned powerhead off a diesel mechanic I know, he reckoned it had no spark
When I kicked it over, no sign of life, save for fuel coming from carbs
Needles , seat and floats were changed to much better ones, leaks fixed
Lot of crap in bottom carb suggested a beach trip
Tested all plugs and leads for spark, yes on all six
Checked alignment of timing marks as in manual, OK.   Connected timing light, Flash nowhere near where  the book says
Used recommended adjustment but could not bring it near the mark
Upto..... have Flywheel off now, stripped back dizzy for a clean and fix a couple of wires
No obvious problems under the cap, no scoring, nothing broken,3 dodgy wires is all
wires from alternator/maggy are taped of separately, going nowhere ,can this be  a problem?
Thanks for your efforts once again Guy

11  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Information Wanted / Re: Evinrude Starflight 80hp on: October 11, 2014, 06:00:20 PM
Thanks Mark&Guy
Hi, after a 5 minute run with those high temps l shut her down
I could hear a gurgling sound coming from what seemed under the powerhead
So , I stuffed the water hose up the exhaust outlet and pushed water in there for a couple of minutes
With a restart I had more water than ever from the outlet and the temp on the starboard bank was about 150F
I'd had PS head off prior to this running and everthing I could see in the waterjacket looked pretty clean
I'm hoping it was just an airlock and will find out next week when I take her for a run with laser thermometer in hand
I really hope Mark that it is  not the powerbead gasket, I'm not sure I can continue to deal with breaking bolts any longer
Let you know how we go
Thanks, Steve

12  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Information Wanted / Evinrude Starflight 80hp on: October 07, 2014, 08:38:03 AM
Hi Folks,
The old rude is playing up, running hot on the starboard bank
Plenty of water flowing through the outlet, this water is very hot after 5 minutes running
I had taken the thermostat out and cleaned it and tested it when replacing its housing
Temps are 170F on port bank, just over 200F on starboard
I'm running her in a tank,, not with muffs
Checked the plugs and they don't show any problems
Any thoughts, need more info
I'm personally thinking blockage in waterjacket, they mention this as a cause in the manual
But don't give you a how to fix
All suggestions are welcome
Cheers, Steve
13  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Buy Sell Vintage Boats Free Advertising, Outboards, Parts. / Re: 25hp Mercury mid 50s? on: May 22, 2014, 04:38:50 PM
Hi All
What did you all think of the price it finally went for?($455)
Good price, overpriced?
Are prices going up, don't see many in this hp range
Interested in what your ideas are
Do you,  fix them and use them, fix them and store/look at them, or just buy them
Lotsa different reasons out there I'll bet

Cheers, yochemin
14  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Information Wanted / Re: Clipper Switch/Circuit Evenrude on: May 11, 2014, 02:35:10 PM
Excellent , thanks Mark, it makes sense now
I have a spare from a later model, it has more wires on it
perhaps , I can adapt that
Thanks again

15  Vintage Australian Outboard Runabouts / Information Wanted / Clipper Switch/Circuit Evenrude on: May 08, 2014, 12:29:33 PM
Looking for lnfo on a clipper switch for a 1967 Starflight 80hp
I believe they are connected to the electric shifter
I'm wondering if they are rectifier/rheostat type thingoes
And are they replaceable with something newer/cheaper from an electronics place
What do we reckon, or anyone got a spare with 2 wires
They sit under the coil on a V4

Cheers, yochemin
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