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Title: Savage Javelin
Post by: JEBx4 on March 16, 2019, 11:18:36 AM
Hello All,
Just letting you beloved, restored Savage Javelin which was bought new by my father in 1963; is about to find a new owner. After placing it on sale for a while, I have decided to donate the craft to the W.A. Maritime Museum. For those who have not heard it's history; our family used the boat as a centre of recreation in Albany WA between 1963-67. It was then sold to a wheat farmer whose family used it for 40 years until it fell into poor condition. In 2007 I bought it back from them and completely restored the boat, using it until now. My children leant to ski with the boat as I did when a child, but they have now left home and the boat is rarely used.
My concern is that once sold, the boat may not be appreciated and be mistreated by subsequent owners, so a piece of Australian boating history and an iconic family possession may be lost. I am prepared to forgo the purchase price to have the boat preserved for future generations including our families. I am currently negotiating with the museum's curator who has accepted 'in principle' the donation. This SJ is a 'big S' first model and a significant milestone in Australian boat building design and manufacturing, being among the first mass produced Australian designed fibreglass boats. The early sixties signalled the end of the bondwood era of the '50's, and 60 years later fibreglass is still an important boatbuilding material. The fact that this boat is still a viable, usable ski boat is a testament to the quality of the design, build quality, long lasting properties of fibreglass. It is also not a 'restored to factory spec' specimen, but it has been carefully modified to maintain its original charm while remaining useful and functional. The museum appreciates that the modifications done to the boat are part of its story, which is well documented from new.
Comments and opinions are welcome.
John B

Title: Re: Savage Javelin
Post by: antman on March 21, 2019, 05:04:16 PM
yep 1 cool boat ! and a great back story fantastic resto well done
great outcome . maybe you could just lend it ( store) it there
so in  the future your grandkids could  get it out  and go for a ride ... 4 generations