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Title: The History and the link between: Bertram, Formula, Haines, Carribean.
Post by: MERCMAN on December 16, 2012, 06:24:33 AM
Below is some very interesting info' provided by the very famous Australian Powerboat Racing Driver and Boating Writer and Test Driver : David Toyer.

Keith Whitehead only sold and raced the Thunderbird Formula 233 hulls built by John Haines.

John Haines originally build and sold his V12, V15 and V19 hulls as Bertrams as they were a Ray Hunt designed deep vee (Ray Hunt designed the original Bertrams). Around the same time International Marine in Melbourne (run by Arch Spooner) began importing and then manufacturing under licence, the US designed Bertram hulls (25 foot and up as that was all they made)

After "discussions" between international Marine and John Haines regarding the use of the name Bertram, John Haines changed the name of his boat range to Haines Hunter (the Haines boats were referred to Bertram for just over 2 years).

International Marine continued to market their Australian built cruisers as Bertram for over 3 decades until they too needed to change to Carribean Bertram and finally just Carribean.

Thank you very much Mr Toyer, the true story is now revealed for all Australian boating enthusiasts to understand.